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Thursday, June 18, 2015


(NOTE: Link for U.S. buyers to purchase is at bottom, and directions for INTERNATIONAL buyers).

Submitted for your approval . . . the VERY RARE 24-HOUR dial ELGiN A-2 of WW2, a TRUE 24-HOUR watch where the hour hand revolves ONCE around the dial, mainly a pilot’s watch.

This ALL authentic (case, dial, hands, movement, etc.) caliber 539, serial no. Y849664, has ALL numbers matching, all ORIGINAL WW2 ELGiN parts/production and is serial number dated to 1945 production, as is stamped on the case.

These are believed mostly to have been commissioned by pilots and air crews as a more useful TRUE 24-HOUR PiLOT version of the normal 12-HOUR A-2. Production in extremely small numbers may have come directly from ELGiN factories, but often cited are air crews special-requesting this 24-HOUR version from Army Air Force watch repair facilities using production ELGiN 24-HOUR dials for war plane camera gun clocks. ELGiN 539 standard A-2 movements would be regeared, or using ELGiN 685 movements made for the camera gun clocks. 

This is a superb conditioin version of the ELGiN 539 movement with an authentic WW2 production ELGiN TRUE 24-HOUR DiAL and ELGiN war production HACKing 539 movement, serial number dated to 1945. Authentic ELGiN case with 1945 serial numbers and marking, chromed with steel screwback.

Popularity of this specific Elgin has yielded typical Ebay Frankenwatch creations and psuedo-knockoffs using real A-2 cases and movements with newly printed dials, new Chinese replica cases with A-2 movements and new replica dials, or any number of combos. 

NOTE that this watch is all authentic WW2 production ELGiN with matching and proper serial numbers. AUTHENTiC ELGiN TRUE 24-HOUR dial, ‘ELGiN’ lightly inscribed. Very light wear to case, very clean movement, dial with patina and aging upon close viewing (see photos) not bad for a 70-year-old dial.

All components on this piece are time period, serial no., and part correct, and guaranteed to be so.

This piece has been fully serviced by Montoya Watch Service and is good to go.


This watch HACKS (pulling crown out stop the movement) and has the LARGE PiLOT CROWN (for use with flight gloves in cold climes). The case has ordnance numbers, model and date, and is chromed with stainless steel screwback.It is really the KiNG of A-2s both for it’s rarity, pilot status and features. Again, everything is serial number and time period correct, all authentic WW2 ELGiN MiLiTARY.This comes with your choice of new WW2-style 1-piece canvas strap, green or black (pictured). Fully serviced.

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